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Through careful remapping to the DME Active Autowerke has increased the horsepower and torque by 15 and 12 respectively. Available for 91-93 octane we now allow you to maximize your car's true potential while maximizing your fuel consumption. Modifications to the a/f, ignition tables, and wide open maps also allow for an overall improved driving experience. With your new increased RPM limit you will be able to enjoy more usable power. With other off road options such as software for cars without cats, Active Autowerke allows you to maximize your car's modifications' true potential. This upgrade is a must for the enthusiast looking to maximize their naturally aspirated car's performance.

Active Autowerke E46 323,325,328,330 Performance Software (MS43) (99-02)

  • -Improved Gas Mileage
    -Sportier throttle response
    - Available for 91-93 octane
    -Smoother pulls through RPM band
    -Off Road options for cars without cats
    -Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
    -15 HP gain & 12 ft lbs of torque.
    -Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications.

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