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Install the Active Autowerke BMW F-Chassis N20/N26/N55 intercooler for nearly factory-like fitment and experience the meaning of sustainable BMW power in a compact package. The factory intercooler may be adequate for the stock power, but with raised boost comes more heat to dissipate. To overcome this...a larger intercooler is the answer.

On the dyno we've seen temperature differences up to 42* F compared to the stock intercooler after repeated runs. Our stepped intercooler helps to maintain power over extended periods of time and will also yield a gain of 15-20whp on stock cars, with modified vehicles seeing 25+whp gains.    



Designed from inception, this BMW N20/N26/N55 intercooler has the largest swept area that could possibly be fitted within the narrow space confines that the BMW factory allowed and the stepped design takes advantage of more area closer to the front of the factory bumper cover. Simply put, this BMW intercooler will perform and deliver consistent, reliable power run after run without power robbing heat soak.    
No permanent modifications or cutting are required for installation. This Active Autowerke BMW N20/N26/N55 intercooler features the industry standard of a bar and plate core design with seamless cast end tanks that retain the OEM quick connect connectors! Proper OEM placement of heavy duty mounting tabs ensure a good fitment.

BMW F30 F32 F22 F87 M235I M2 328I 428I 335I 435I N55 INTERCOOLER

    • Industry standard bar and plate core design for that rugged construction
    • Delivers substantially more internal airflow than the factory BMW unit
    • Minimized heat soak compared to the factory BMW unit
    • Delivers an increase in BMW performance consistently
    • Cast end tanks with sturdy mounting bosses
    • OEM machined end tank connections accept the original BMW chargepipe connections
    • Easy to install to the factory set-up with the benefits of reversibility if needed
    • Available in raw aluminum or black
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